ISR Concept Form


Covis Pharma is committed to advancing science by supporting external independent research activities.

Specific areas of interest related to respiratory diseases (Asthma & COPD):

  • Current treatment landscape
  • Understanding of clinical efficacy and safety differentiation in asthma and COPD
  • New and novel indications for ciclesonide
  • Additional investigation related to the underlying properties of ciclesonide
  • Research related to special or new patient populations for ciclesonide, aclidinium bromide and aclidinium/formoterol combination
  • Research related to new novel combinations of corticosteroids for inhaled diseases (e.g., ciclesonide with other mechanisms [not LAMA or LABA])
  • Digital health technology as applied to current asthma and COPD products to manage patients more effectively

Specific areas of interest related to Magnetic Resonance Imaging or ferumoxytol:

  • Measuring the impact of lower versus higher quality images in diagnosis and treatment
  • Understanding the differentiation of contrast agents based on safety, image resolution, and the timing of contrast leakage
  • Evaluate unique applications of ferumoxytol
  • Additional investigations related to the underlying properties of ferumoxytol and/or iron oxides

Additional related topics may also be considered. Research studies may include clinical studies, epidemiology, and/or database driven evaluations, and preclinical in vivo and in vitro designs.

For healthcare professionals interested in a preliminary evaluation of potential Covis support for independently conducted research studies, please respond to the questions below. Note: Covis will not provide comments or suggestions to study design or protocol.

    Please upload:

    1. Detailed Budget Summary

    2. Principal Investigators’ CV

    Covis Medical Affairs will notify you if the topic does, or does not, fit into an area of research that we would like to evaulate further. If there is initial interest, a formal submission of the full ISR application, which would be provided, protocol or at least synopsis of work to be conducted and detailed budget (if applicable) will be required. Approval of submissions is based on scientific merit, feasibility, alignment to the company’s strategic focus, and budget considerations, and are not intended to be an inducement or payment for referral of or recommending referral of patients for any Covis product.

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