Careers at Covis Pharma

Founded in 2011, Covis Pharma is a leading private equity backed global specialty pharmaceutical company that markets therapeutic solutions in 50+ countries, for patients with life-threatening conditions and chronic illnesses. Our paramount concern is patient outcomes as we focus on improving the health of people with serious medical conditions. Apollo Global Management, with $455 billion assets under management, is the private equity sponsor of Covis Pharma.

Headquartered in Luxembourg with operations in Switzerland, United States, Canada, and the Netherlands, our success is driven by a diverse and experienced team of talented employees worldwide. We operate established therapeutic franchises in respiratory, hospital, and specialty care, through novel commercialization and clinical development strategies. We continue to evolve as a leader in the global healthcare landscape and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing highly efficacious therapeutic solutions to patients at affordable prices.

The ethos at Covis Pharma is focused on five key pillars:


With all stakeholders ensuring access to their ‘best in class’ products for all patients, including those in most need


Firm believers in corporate diversity


Focusing on developing and extending therapeutic solutions for patients and physicians globally, and professional growth for employees and partners


Striving to create new opportunities that deliver results for all stakeholders


Strong governance and compliance, to ensure ethical behaviour in all interactions and work they do

Why Join Covis Pharma?

By joining Covis Pharma you will be a part of a globally diverse, dynamic, and passionate team with a vested interest in your personal and professional career development. You will be able to provide input into impactful decisions and be a part of shaping our company’s future. The skills and business insight you will gain will serve as an invaluable foundation towards your future career aspirations. We offer industry leading compensation & benefit packages with the ability for some roles to earn equity linked to the future success of the company. We also offer competitive opportunities for accelerated career advancement, leading work-life balance policies, and a global hybrid home/office-based model that enables employee empowerment, flexibility, and increased productivity.

Our inclusive company culture encourages all employees to speak up and share their ideas, opinions, and proposals. We strive to bring together unique perspectives and embrace diversity of thought. We actively seek to hire and develop the best and brightest team members from all backgrounds, ensuring our continued success and sustainability into the future.

Join us, have fun, make an impact, and leave your legacy!

Fraud Recruitment Disclaimer

It has come to our attention that fraudulent and fictitious job opportunities at Covis Pharma are being circulated on the Internet. Prospective candidates are being contacted by certain individuals, mainly through telephone calls, emails, and correspondences, claiming they are affiliated with Covis Pharma. Covis Pharma would like to confirm that it does not:

  1.  Send job offers from free email services like Gmail, Rediff mail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc.;
  2. Request payment of any kind from prospective candidates for employment or any sort of fees;
  3. Authorize anyone to either collect money or arrive at any monetary arrangement in return for a job at Covis Pharma; and
  4. Request or require personal documents like bank account details, tax forms or credit card information as part of the recruitment process.

However, sometimes recruitment is done through professional recruiting agencies and platforms. In such cases, offers are always made directly by Covis Pharma and not by any third parties. All our job vacancies are published on our official Career Site (  Should you have any doubts about the authenticity of an email, letter or telephone communication purportedly from, for, or on behalf of Covis Pharma, please send us an email query at [email protected] before taking any further action in relation to the correspondence.

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